Universitas Katolik Parahyangan

International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2020

“The Role of Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Global Citizenship”

Bandung – Jakarta, 11 – 18 January 2020





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  • I appreciate the conference committee to arrange this conference and giving me a chance to learn from different people and making new friends. Discovery Nanjing Team really remained as a guiding light for me at all of the stages during my visit.
  • Unfortunately, this wonderful conference had to come to an up. After a hectic day in Jakarta and some last workshops. the last day was made of all of our presentations. All the participants in the Global Terrorism Program were divided into 8 groups and we were assigned to present, in front of the whole assembly, what were the conclusions we could draw from the conference
  • I could learn a lot through the International Student Conference. These are about not only terrorism but also what I have to do for our future.