Being aware that the concept of civic education or engagement has broadened from a national focus to a more global one and realizing that civic responsibility extends beyond national borders, builds responsibility of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR) as an institution for higher education, to play a role to increase awareness of the youth to cope with global issues or global problems. UNPAR finds that it is important for all young people to create their sense of responsibility that they are not only citizens, but they are global citizens, who are responsible to cope with not only local issues, but also global problems.

Therefore, UNPAR humbly presents a piece of contribution to develop the awareness of youngsters as global citizens by conducting an International Student Conference under the theme “Global Citizenship”.

The First International Student Conference on Global Citizenship

In this conference, more than 100 participants (40 UNPAR students and 70 International delegates) from all over the world’s leading universities in South East Asia and the rest of the countries met and discussed their roles as global citizens. Not only workshops and lectures, participants also enjoyed the experience of cultural tour and activities in Bandung and Jakarta, encouraging them to explore more and share their own cultures to others.
However, this conference was divided into two programs, i.e. Global Terrorism and Water and Environmental Sustainability.
[column width=”sixteen”][accordionwrap] [accordion title=’Global Terrorism : “Altering Insecurity, Preventing Fear”‘]International terrorist activities have been growing concern within international societies after a significant number of attacks and bombing in the beginning of 21st century. Despite its various backgrounds, ideologies, and moties, terrorism has grown into a scale society and nations cannot imagine. States and nations are working together to tackle this escalating phenomenon. And in this respect, societies take a prominent part since they are the ones who directly involved and become victims of terror.

Facilitated with lecturers from all over the world such as Sidney Jones, Nobuhito Yoshinaka,LL.M.,LL.B; delegates from ASEAN and Ministry of International Affairs; and also Gatut Inro Suranto as the witness of Bali bombing, we hope that this experience could enhance their insights and enrich their knowledge as students, the ones who are expected to take a significant part in preventing and combatting terrorism in the grass-root level.[/accordion][accordion title=’Water and Environmental Sustainability : “Think Outside The Sink”‘]Provision of an adequate quantity of clean water has been a matter of concern since the beginning of civilisation. Besides drought, as stream has always been the recipient of wastes discharge from human activities, be it domestic sources, industrial, or agricultural effluents or mining process water, the massive increase of industrial productions accompanied by high growth of large urban populations has led to severe water pollution problems for over the last two centuries. Such situation was found to be even worse in many of the lesser developed countries and some of the megalopolises with unbridled population growth an uncontrolled industrial development. Indonesia, no exception, has been suffering and hardly struggling to face those related problems for over the last two centuries.

Based on Water and Environmental Sustainability point of view, WES program offered something different which is field study with direct dialogue with the residents than discussing the topic of environmental in the class. By taking workshops consisting of lectures delivered by Prof. R.W. Triweko, Prof. Tamiji Yamamoto, Prof. Mukand Singh Babel, Iwan Krisdasantausa, Ph.D., Doddi Yudianto,Ph.D.,Ir. Eko Irianto,MT., Waluyo Hatmoko M.Sc., and sharing session from Chevron (American multinational energy corporation), all of the perticipants will be prepared with materials of water and environmental issuses occured in Bandung City and learn from the best practices of mining, energy or forestry industry in Indonesia.

The Second International Student Conference on Global Citizenship

This second International Student Conference on Global Citizenship will raise “Disaster Management” as the main topic with “Moving Towards Zero Catastrophe” as the tagline. As we know that disaster is a sudden adverse or unfortunate extreme event which causes great damage to human beings as well as plants and animals. It is occur rapidly, unpredictably, and indiscriminately. Depart from that reality, it is important for students all over the world, as a part of global citizens, to be aware about this phenomenon. Moreover, improving their knowledges and experiences in managing the disaster to decrease possibility of vulnerability to the hazard.  In line with Universitas Katolik Parahyangan’s concept about Global Citizenship, we are being urged to facilitate and accomodate students from all over the world to take parts and engage a fruitful discussion about disaster management. Hence, we will hold series of lecture, workshops, and cultural events to raise awareness on the topic.