International Student Conference

Welcome to the International Student Conference (ISC) by UNPAR!

The International Student Conference (ISC), organized by the Office for International Affairs and Cooperation of Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR), is an eagerly anticipated annual event. Designed to foster a global learning environment, ISC brings together students from across the globe to engage in diverse learning approaches that address pertinent current issues under the umbrella theme of Global Citizenship.

Engaging Learning Journey:

ISC offers a rich learning experience through a variety of engaging methods. Keynote Lectures led by distinguished experts shed light on significant global topics, offering unique perspectives and insights. Workshops provide interactive sessions where participants collaborate, discuss, and ideate on real-world challenges. Site Visits allow attendees to explore local contexts, gaining practical insights into issues under discussion. Additionally, Cultural Activities add an enriching dimension, celebrating the diversity and unity of global cultures.

Embracing Global Citizenship:

ISC stands as a platform for nurturing global citizens, individuals who are informed, empathetic, and engaged on a global scale. By delving into pressing issues and collaborating across borders, participants cultivate a deeper understanding of the interconnected world we inhabit. The conference encourages attendees to become active contributors to positive change, building bridges and breaking down barriers in pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable world.

As a participant in ISC, you’ll embark on an inspiring journey of exploration, learning, and cross-cultural connections. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge, cultural exchange, and global citizenship at the upcoming International Student Conference! Stay tuned for updates and registration details on our official website.

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