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[toggle open=”yes” title=”International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2014″] Our world is still vulnerable to the hazard of disasters. Whether the disasters are manmade or natural, they still pose a prominent threat to people and development all around the world. In the never ending efforts to minimize the harms of disasters, disaster management has proven to be one significant issue to be addressed. Stages of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery try to eliminate the casualties and victims caused by disasters. Disasters occur rapidly, unpredictably, and indiscriminately. Read more [/toggle]

[toggle title=”International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2013″] UNPAR ISC 2013 has been held at UNPAR on 17-24 January 2013. This year is the first conference, and it is designed as the annual event of UNPAR’s Office for International Affair and Cooperation. As a member of International Network of Universities, a Concorsium for Global Citizenship, UNPAR also choose Global Citizenship as the basic topic of the Conference. Read more [/toggle]


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