Scope of the Event

ISC 2020 will be hosted by UNPAR and followed by university students from UNPAR as well as international students from various corner of the world, especially those studied in the Universities member the International Network of Universities (INU). The committee expects that around 100 students, which consist of 50 Indonesian students and 50 international students, will be participated in the event. The participants will hear series of lectures in the topic of Industrial Revolution 4.0, its impacts towards the people, communities, Nations and global communities as a whole, as well as way for taking advantage the opportunity its bring as well as in overcoming its negative outset. The participants are expected to actively involved in the discussion by expressing their opinions over the issue. The participants will also be expected, in groups, to prepare a final project that may trigger their curiosity over the issue. ISC 2020 will be supported by Professors, both international and local students, expert in the issues, international organizations, Government officials and related NGOs.