The Program of ISC 2023

Key lecture 

The key lecture will function as a fundamental base of the participants’ perspective to guide the participants in the following workshops. In the key lecture, the participants will gain knowledge and new insight about the importance of building an equal and inclusive welfare system to solve the socio-economic gap that is caused and worsened by COVID-19. 

Content Workshops 

  1. Issue: To boost participant’s awareness and interest regarding the post COVID-19 issues and the change of the circumstances, ISC is going to discuss about:
    1. Education inequality in the disabled community 
    2. COVID-19 Impact on Poverty
    3. COVID-19 Impact on Gender Based Violence
  2. Solutions: Therefore, ISC is providing few solutions regarding current issues, which are: 
    1. Accessible Education Facilities for People with Disabilities 
    2. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) learning as a solution and way to reach welfare
    3. Green industry to reach sustainable living
  3. Skill Development:  In accordance with the background issue and solution, ISC would conduct several useful skills, consist of:
    1. Content creating
    2. Design thinking

Cultural Activities:

To spark the participants’ interest in Indonesian culture, ISC would conduct experiential learning-based programs, consisting of: 

  • Batik Komar (Pecah Kopi): Participants will engage in making one of the UNESCO nominated Intangible Cultural Heritage, Batik. 
  • Saung Angklung Udjo: Participants will also be a part of Indonesia’s traditional music performance with the instrument angklung.
  • Learning Indonesian Traditional Dance with LISTRA: Participants will also be partaking in learning and performing Indonesian traditional dance with LISTRA.

Site Visits:

  • Eco Camp
  • Saung Angklung Udjo 

Final Project 

  • Group Presentation: the participant will be given a platform to deliver their ideas in a form of group presentation.
  • Individual Evaluation: This year, we hope to make a considerable impact and spread the word worldwide. Therefore, we incorporate social media activities in the final project as our effort to engage a bigger audience to initiate a change.
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