Feedback for the International Student Conference on Global Citizenship – Muhammad Imran Nawaz

I am writing this feedback after attending the UNPAR International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2014 held in Bandung and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The main topic of the conference was Disaster Management with the motto of “Moving towards Zero Catastrophe”.

How I came to know!!

I came to know this conference from one of my friend, he emailed me about this conference so I came to know and it looked me very interesting and informative and also related to my field so I applied for this through an organization “Discovery Nanjing” who were in contact with the conference committee and were arranging the trip to the conference, so I contacted to Discovery Nanjing and find them very caring and cooperative. They selected my application so I joined the conference.

During the Conference!!

During the conference I actively attended and participated in the each and every activity and attended all the lectures very carefully and collect the knowledge and information about the disaster management so that I can apply this knowledge at the very necessary time of disaster. I learned the rules and principles of disaster management. I fine whole of the conference very useful and informative.

All of the participants were international students and very cooperative I also cooperate with the fellows and try my best to follow the rules and obey the time table of the whole session. I learned a lot of things from the fellow students and exchange the views with each other. All of the participants were very helping and friendly.

While our visits to local different places I get knowledge about the local culture, traditions and games. I was in fond of visiting the historical places and topic related places so I was very happy to visit these kinds of places. I enjoyed the whole conference and made contacts with people of different areas and different countries and made new friends.

Benefits and learnings of the conference!!

As a student I can play a wide role in the disaster management. Students are the stronger part of any community; a student can also make or build a nation and also can sustain and support the nation.

The main fact of disaster management is the part of awareness, as a student I can make the nation aware of the effects of disaster and its its forecasting, make them aware of any kind of misshape with the help of trainings or convincing the people, if the people are aware of these kind of tragedies they can manage at the exact time when they are not ready or not aware of the happenings. So awareness plays a vital role in any of the project of achievement.

Moreover I can help people at the time of mishap, I can provide them with basic needs and also provide them with the first aid before proper arrangements are made. I can argue the other students to take part in the wellbeing of people in the bad times and I can also make teams of students and we can work in groups so that more people can get help in short time and the loss of life and property can be reduced.

I can help people at the time of disasters by collecting funds for their wellbeing. I can collect funds from different universities and colleges to help the calamity stricken people. I can provide the goods of basic needs like clothes, blankets, eatables, and any other necessary things to people at that time. And I can participate with private of government agencies to help the people for disaster management.

The conference committee!!

As we know that any work or project or to arrange well managed and conference is not accomplished without an effort or without working hard and without a good working team or committee. The same thing I find during my whole of the conference, I find the committee very hardworking, passionate, devoted, cooperative and friendly. I was surprised that how they well and timely managed the whole of the activities and lectures and visits during the conference. I really praise and admire their hard work and struggle. Moreover their attitude and behavior towards all the participants was amazingly friendly. I really appreciate their teamwork.

The Discovery Nanjing Team!!

I was really honored to travel with the Discovery Nanjing team to this conference, their help, guidance and care was with the every person from selection to the end of the conference. I find them very cooperative, helping and friendly all the time. When I applied for the conference and when I was selected, I was thinking about the travel and difficulties which will would face during the conference, but it was everything very calm and easy with the help of discovery Nanjing Team.

Words of Thanks!!

At the end I would like to say thanks to the entire discovery Nanjing Team, all of the conference committee and also to the participants to giving me love, care, guidance and so much knowledge. I appreciate the conference committee to arrange this conference and giving me a chance to learn from different people and making new friends. Discovery Nanjing Team really remained as a guiding light for me at all of the stages during my visit. I am really thankful to them and specially Mr. Eugene who was representing the Discovery Nanjing Team and was a very cooperative and guiding all in all.

Muhammad Imran Nawaz
Hohai University, Nanjing ,Jiangsu, China

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