Key Speakers

Yulius Purwadi Hermawan, Ph.D

Speaker Name: Yulius Purwadi Hermawan, Ph.D

Name Workshop: Keynote Speakers 

Short Description Speaker: 

Yulius Purwadi Hermawan is a lecturer at International Relation UNPAR for 28 years. Since 2001, he has been very passionate about International Organizations and Global Governance. He is also very involved in the development of G20 especially in the involvement of Indonesia in G20. We believe that Mr. Purwadi’s expertise in G20 development is a great addition to our conference. Our theme this year is to build better and grow after the pandemic, Mr. Purwadi could contribute by sharing his perspective as a G20 researcher and development for Indonesia.

Filippo Gavazzeni

Speaker Name: Filippo Gavazzeni 

Name Workshop: Keynote Speakers 

Short Description Speaker:

Filippo Gavazzeni is a policy advisor of the cabinet of the Deputy Mayor of Milan. He specialized in food  policy making, especially ensuring the inclusivity of the policy. Mr. Gavazzeni is also known as the head of the secretariat. MUFPP is an international agreement among cities all over the world as a commitment to develop a food system that is inclusive, resilient and diverse

Daniel Gaffner 

Speaker Name: Daniel Gaffner 

Name Workshop: Towards a Greener Future: the green industrial revolution

Short Description Speaker: 

Daniel Gaffner is the head of the graphic design program at Malmö university from 2015 until now. He is also an International Academic coordinator at the culture and society faculty. His design program at Malmö also includes a sustainable design program.

Christian Fredy Naa

Speaker Name: Christian Fredy Naa

Name Workshop: Content Creating 

Short Description Speaker: 

Mr. Naa is a mechatronic engineering lecturer of Parahyangan Catholic University in the faculty of Industrial engineering. He also works as a multimedia engineer for GKI Jemaat Cimahi. Align with his main work as a lecturer, Mr. Naa loves content creating, shown by his interest in making content with Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram. In the creative industry, he is managing a Spotify account of “Podcast Pak Christ” talking about youth, time management, etc. He also manages a Youtube account of “Kelas Pak Christ” consisting of mechanical learning videos. Nonetheless, he is also managing an Instagram account of “christianfredynaa” for personal and professional sharing.

Victor Merino

Speakers Name: Victor Merino 

Name Workshop: The Lockdown of Gender 

Short Description Speaker: 

Dr. Víctor Merino-Sancho holds a PhD in Law from the Human Rights Institute, University of Valencia, and MA in Domestic and Gender Violence and MA in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice from the same University. His research focuses on gender-based violence, gender studies, queer theories, human rights, and refugee law. Mr.Victor Merino will expand your knowledge about gender issues all over the world through a workshop titled “The Lockdown on Gender”.

Jimmy Febriyadi

Speakers Name: Jimmy Febriyadi

Name Workshop: MSME as A Post-pandemic Lifeline

Short Description Speaker: 

Jimmy Febriyadi is the founder of INCREASE (Inclusive Creative Social Enterprise) which is a platform to increase a continuous business opportunity for marginalized social entrepreneurs. To achieve this, INCREASE has conducted financial management, product curation, monitoring, networking, marketing and investment training programs for marginalized entrepreneurs. Mr.Febriyadi is also experienced as a trainer for some International Labour Organization (ILO)’s global platform of entrepreneurship/economic development such as Start and Improve Your Social Business, Gender and Entrepreneurship Together Ahead (GET Ahead), and Training for Rural Economic Empowerment (TREE).

Niclas Andersson

Speakers Name: Niclas Andersson

Nama Workshop: Inclusivity and Accessibility in Higher Education

Short Description Speaker:

Niclas Andersson is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology and Society at Malmö University specializing in engineering. In his workshop, Mr Andersson will be giving you a cognitive knowledge about the educational struggle that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. His workshop will help you construct the understanding of inclusivity and accessibility in higher education after the COVID-19.

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